Thursday, March 15, 2012

Attended a seminar on - How to Write a Research Paper

Today we attended an informative and valueable presentation on "How to Write a Research Paper" by Dr. Dong Xu. He talked about five different classes of research papers that included junk papers and poisonous papers. He also talked about different topics within a research paper and gave instructions on how to precisely what under those topics. He clearly differenciated Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.

I liked two things the most: (i) He spoke that writing is what makes our thought clear. It can make us think deeply about our research. It makes us think logically and link all the things together. It can also help us raise many questions that we may need to work on. (ii) He also said that writing is an art and if we do not like it, we better change our discipline. That motivates me to start practicing writing. He continued that it can take years to become a good writer.

Thank you for such an eye opening, informative and motivating presentation.

Hail Dr. Xu !!!