Saturday, May 26, 2012

It took around 2 months to get a tool running

I had been trying to configure IMP(integrated modelling) since last 5 or 6 weeks, along with doing many other things as well, of course. Actually, I needed to run an example on the web-site, that generates pdb file (models) from the amino acid sequence. In around a week or so, I had it running. I could run a few examples that came along with the software, but not the one that I wanted to run. I thought that I did not install the software properly. So, what I did was, went back and tried to FULLY install every piece of dependent tools and software. The most difficult task was to get all of the boost libraries running.

I spent a lot many days trying to get it completely installed. I tried in two different servers. Thinking that it was a non-super user permission issues, I tried installing in a virtual machine as a superuser access. That did not work either. I was frustrated. I had started doubting my abilities. Finally, I wrote a long email to the mailing list with all my configuration and install logs. Turns out that I was mixing up the stable version 1.0 with the nightly builds. I had installed the stable version 1.0 and was trying to run the latest examples that were supposed to run in the latest version. Once, I figured that out, I got it running in two days.

Learnt a lot!