Monday, November 26, 2012

I like Dropbox and the idea of online storage

I am a Dropbox fan. I use Skydrive as well. With these tools, I feel secure and confident as I can synchronize data across my computers without ever worrying about using flash drives or other online solutions. I don't need to think about this synchronization issues at all. I work on a file at my lab, save the file, go home, and continue working on it, without even thinking that I have Internet connected to all devices. I feel so happy when I think of this.
Today I ran into a potentially huge data loss problem. I have 5 operating systems where I have my Dropbox account synced. One of the virtual machines, in which had Dropbox installed, ran out of space and I deleted some files in the Dropbox folder to recover some space, forgetting that I had Dropbox ready to synchronize. In seconds, I lost all of my files from all of my devices and they were not in any recycle bin. I was terrified. That is when I googled and found that Dropbox has a facility to restore deleted file. Nice Dropbox! I easily recovered all of my files in no time.
There is a mistake we might make while restoring. We might restore an older version of the files/directories we want to restore. We need to check the deletion date carefully before restoring. I encourage everyone to use online storage and synchronization tools like Dropbox and stay away from data loss issues, of course, unless the files are something that you never want to share.