Saturday, March 7, 2015

started to use only Perl for programming

In April 2014, I realized that I was using programming as a decorative item instead of a tool to get results by focusing on programs more than results. One of my biggest mistake was to use two programming languages: Perl and bash scripting. A little after this realization, I immediately decided to mostly use one everywhere and that would be Perl. Since then, I am using Perl only, wherever possible, and have become more effective programmer. Moreover, subconsciously, I was following the ‘one file one purpose’ philosophy of Unix and open source community, and it was another cause of my less efficiency. My programming experience led me to think that it is better to have 2 files usually: main program that has everything (except for the most common subroutines), and the common subroutines module. This change has helped my efficiency and productivity and also helped me focus on output of programs instead of program itself.