Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Google Drive as my one-stop storage solution

Last week I implemented a one-stop-solution for my storage management. I decided to use Google Drive to keep all my data and pictures instead of using both Google drive and Dropbox. Just because Dropbox gives some space for free does not mean that we have to use it. Actually, I have realized that using multiple storage solutions demands a lot of management and worry time, and so I now decided choose one of the state-of-the-art.

I already had 100 GB of space from the Chromebook I had purchased. To ensure that I don't have to worry about space again soon, I bought extra 100 GB of space for 2 dollars per month. I like the idea of paying $2 per 100 GB.

Currently I am setting up my devices so that I can use Google Drive universally. I do not have to delete others' pictures and videos, instead, I keep them and share them. Ideal for me!

Sadly, while managing my google drive I emptied the trash to recover some space not realizing that I had deleted one of my folders in Google Drive. I had a copy of the files somewhere else so I could restore everything but two google document files. When we delete google document files, they are moved to trash and once we delete trash, there is no way we can recover them. Fortunately, the two files are not a huge impact in my work but the lesson I learnt is - do not empty trash folder of online storage.

Observing how Google automatically organizes photos in folders by creating month folders inside year folders, I am inspired to organize my other files and documents likewise. Organizing folders and files is many times frustrating not because of the actual organizing task but because of not knowing the best way to do so. We can wonder that in future, however, this will not be a big issue because almost everything will be searched instead of explored. I find that this technique of using year and month as folder names to keep files is simple and easy. Also it is wiser to rename files so that they can be searched later instead of explored.

[Update on 9-24-2016: After using Google Drive for a few months, I found the app buggy and slow compared to Dropbox. I still use Google Drive as storage, but for desktop (frequent) activities, I started to use Dropbox again. Currently, I use both Dropbox and Google Drive. However, I know exactly what goes where.]

[Update on 26-11-2017: Since last 7/8 months, I have been using Dropbox only - for storing everything. I use Google Drive only for 'gdocs', 'gslides', etc.]